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At Godfrey Propane we do not have any hidden fees. There's no ridiculous "hazmat", or "delivery" fees. We encourage customers with a tank being 500 gallons or more to be on an automatic fill schedule and you will receive a .10 cent per gallon discount. If you choose to be a "will call" customer you must call for a delivery when the gauge on the tank reads 20%, unless you have a 120 gallon tank you will wait till 5%. This will give us enough time to deliver your propane before the tank is empty which would entail a service call along with a service call charge.  

We also encourage all customers to have their tanks filled when we deliver. This eliminates unnecessary return trips for our drivers and also reduces the chance of an out of gas situation which results in a service charge. 

If your tank does run out of propane you must be at home in order to check the gas system and turn on the gas. Due to insurance safety standards we cannot deliver propane and leave the tank shut off. If you require a pressure test due to an out of gas situation, there will be a service charge. 

By strictly enforcing these policies, we feel we can provide better service to all of our customers.