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All of the tanks (not including bottles or cylinders) that we offer at Godfrey Propane are available for lease. Lease tanks (depending on size) are just a small yearly rental fee. Once the tanks are picked up from the field, they are brought back to Godfrey Propane where they are reconditioned and look virtually brand new. This process is explained below:

The tank gets power washed and cleaned up to begin the reconditioning process.

The tank gets power buffed and stripped of old paint and also the insides are cleaned up and methanol treated to evaporate any moisture from the tank. 

The bottom of the tank is first coated with rust preventative and then a thick layer of roof coating is applied to give the bottom plenty of extra rust protection.

All new valves are installed.

Two coats of high quality paint (white or silver) is used to give the tank a wonderful bright shine and to protect from sun and heat conditions.

This is an example of a refurbished silver galvanized (aluminum) painted tank.

This is an example of a refurbished tank painted in white.

These tanks are all beautifully reconditioned and are just waiting to be delivered to your home where you will enjoy great customer service and the satisfaction of saving our planet as well as saving money by using energy efficient propane.

Leasing a tank from Godfrey is a smart easy choice. Leasing is well worth the small yearly tank rental fee when you consider that we furnish that tank for you and then we are responsible for the tank and the tanks valves. You may also purchase a tank as well but we recommend leasing because then we are responsible for the maintenance on the tank; along with gas reimbursement if there was a loss of gas due to a bad valve or valves. Consider that if you own your own tank then you will need to be sure to keep that tank fully maintained and any new parts or any gas loss that might occur is soley your responsibility and will come completely out of your pocket.