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Residential Sizing Factors:

  • Square footage of home
  • Numbers of heaters, water heaters, etc...using propane
  • Size/BTU of heaters
  • Pool heater or hot tub heater 
  • Quality of insulation

                                                       120 GALLON VERTICAL PROPANE TANK                                                The 120 gallon vertical tanks are a popular choice which can be set right up against the home - but must be three feet from any window and/or door and ten feet from any source of ignition. These tanks are great for fireplaces, cooktops and hot tubs. Always remember these tanks hold 100 gallons so wait until at 5% to call for your refill.    

   These tanks are great for fireplaces, cooktops and hot tubs. 




Residential tanks can be sized by simply reviewing a set of plans and in most cases we can actually determine the size tank you need right over the phone. Godfrey Propane has over 69 years experience installing propane tanks of all sizes. We can help you choose the right size tank, install it and have you up and running in no time. We are very experienced and trusted throughout the community.


250 GALLON TANK                          The 250 gallon tanks are our standard and most popular size and are a good choice for average size homes with central heating, waterheaters and cooktops, as well as for hot tubs. We also have 500 gallon tanks and 1000 gallon tanks as well which are generally used in commercial accounts or very large homes with heavy BTU usage. We are also very proud of our underground tank installs as well. They are becoming a popular choice with new construction of homes because they are kept out of sight with only a small dome showing just a few inches out of the ground.

500 GALLON TANK                       The 500 gallon tanks are great for larger homes where heavier usage is available. Such as central heat, multiple water heaters, cook tops, fireplaces, etc... They are also available in underground tanks, and now both applications are available for lease...call for details.

120 GALLON VERTICAL TANK           The ever popular 120 gallon vertical tank, as mentioned above is great for small propane applications such as water heaters, fireplaces, cooktops or hot tubs with smaller usage. Leasing can be available as well. 

1000. Holds 800 gallons.1000 GALLON TANK                             The 1000 gallon tank is mainly used in commercial applications, or large homes with extremely high usage. They are also available in both aboveground and underground models. Both can be available for lease depending on the application. 

UNDERGROUND TANKS          Underground tanks come in 250, 500 & 1000 gallon sizes. These tanks are a great choice when curb appeal is important such as around a landscaped backyard or swimmimg pool or if the tank must be placed in the front yard. Leasing is available also with these tanks under certain conditions.     

ROOFING TANKS                Roofing tanks are often need in the D/FW area, and other surrounding  areas. Godfrey Propane is able to cater to customers who need this service. Temporary tanks are often used by roofing contractors. For example, Godfrey will place a 250 or 500 gallon tank at a location needing propane for a tar kettle. As soon as the project is finished, the tank is picked up. This service is efficient, cost effective alternative to propane cylinder exchange and refills.